VLAVI Construction

VLAVI Construction

Our company carries out professional assembly and disassembly of industrial equipment of any complexity. We, in cooperation with the representatives of the leading worldwide manufacturers, buy any used industrial equipment, manufacturing lines, machines and units. We also carry out qualitative detection of their faults, as well as recovery and repair works. 

We carry out professional dismantling and packing of plants of any complexity in compliance with all international requirements, as well as ensure their delivery to the end customer to any country of the world. After carrying out professional fault detection, depending on the initial condition of the equipment, we can issue warranty on used equipment, which is confirmed by the manufacturer of this equipment. 

After the delivery of used equipment, manufacturing lines or factory lines, we, in cooperation with the manufacturers of this equipment, assemble the equipment in a qualitative manner, at the place, which is designated by the customer, as well as carry out the full cycle of starting-up and adjustment operations with the launch of the assembled line.

Realized projects


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