Industrial group of companies “VLAVI” offers services of renting specialists for your projects. During the last 12 years our group hired a number of specialists for assembly and disassembly projects in different industries. The projects varied from the sawmill plant, abrasive material factory and flexographic machinery disassembly to the assembly of Chocolate confectionary manufacturing line and gas reduction stations including different kinds of the installations of heating systems in industrial buildings.

Our company employs different kinds of specialists who are working in areas such as technology, building, railway, harbors (material handling equipment) and earthmoving equipment industries. 

For your site works we provide welders (MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG), assemblers, fitters, plumbers, electricians and other specialists. Our employees have a wide experience and the European qualification and certificates; they are able to design and develop construction objects of almost any complexity.

How it works for you

  1. You specify your business needs and requirements

During the personal meeting or by filling our request form you indicate what specialists you require, what type of work they are expected to do, planned amount of work and any other details that are important to be indicated.

  • Select suitable specialists

Based on your requirements we select most suitable people out of our specialists’ data base for your individual need.

  • Practical tests before work is started

Even though all our specialists are having professional qualification and work experience, before new project startup we ensure individual practical test/evaluation according to the expected work type. Thus we make sure we provide convenient specialists for your worksite.

  • Follow-up process

We take care of all administrative, travel, insurance as well as professional certification (in case of individual requirements) issues for our employees.

  • Feedback & Guarantee

It is important for us to ensure that our service is bringing high value for your business. Your feedback is an important part of our service, so we are always open to hear from you and react in case of any adjustments would be needed.

Realized projects