Our company specializes in supply of harbor cranes, transshipment equipment and other port equipment, as well as spare parts for the wide range of the port and quarry equipment.

Our company has been working since 2010 and during that period has successfully carried out numerous supplies of harbor and mobile material handling, as well as various equipment and facilities for its customers in the Baltic countries.

New cranes
Depending on your cargo type and specification, we are offering brand new cranes for handling you goods. In Cooperation with Kirow Ardelt GmbH, we can offer cranes with outreach 10-55m and lifting capacity up to 63t in grab operation, what allows to reach handled capacity up to 1750t/h.

Company Kirow Ardelt GmbH, has been established at 1902 and till nowadays is one of the Market leader in this field, who is specializing in manufacturing of double jib level luffing cranes.

This is reason why we are able to offer many kind of solutions depending on your needs and requirements, for container, bulk goods, general cargoes and scrap handling.

Used cranes
One of our Company basic business activities is sales of used harbor mobile cranes as well as material handling excavators. We offer harbor mobile cranes from Liebherr, Gottwald, Fantuzzi and others, as well as material handling excavators from Liebherr, Sennebogen, Terx-Fuchs, etc. Based on information about handled capacities, specification of goods as well as ships size what crane wall load we offer the most economical solution for this job, as well we are working out solution for crane delivery to your site.

Also when you want to sell your handling Equipment we are able to offer many solutions. As one of basic ways to do it is to make an agreement for sales of you crane with us. We will find potential buyers and bring them to your site, but your Company still will be final decision maker, sell the crane or not.

Realized projects


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